As well as doing pets my other passion is to draw or illustrate wildlife. Whether its a commission or just to pass the time and add something a little extra to my store, Wildlife portraits have become an extension to my skills and interests.
I don’t just stick to one style for my wildlife portraits, I like to vary the medium or concept for my wildlife pieces. I will mainly use my trusted coloured pencils, however digital vectors and fine liner work are also some of my favourites.
Wildlife Prints are now available on my store. If there is a particular size you would like that isn’t available on my store, feel free to contact me for further discussion.

Dancing-Jellies-A4-WM-WEBLemur LoveTigerPurple NightsLone OrcaBreachSynchronisationBurst of ColourHowlJewelStagTwo BrothersCheetahCreeperBlack WidowPeggyTurtleBreachSurfReverenceBugsDung BeetleMalayan Frog BeetleButterfly