X – Ray Illustrations

I love surfing the net for inspiration when it comes to designing new pieces. I can spend hours sitting at my computer going through multiple designs sites from Pinterest, Tumblr, to sites like Designspiration.
Theres so many pieces that I look at and think ‘I wish I could create something like that’ or ‘I wonder if I can use that technique to create …’
Sometimes I see a piece of artwork whether it be digital or traditional and think what if I had a go at something similar with a new wildlife idea I have?

And that’s when I saw this…

This is Evert Martin and his X-Ray Illustration. It was a tutorial he had published on a creative site called Digital Arts – You can view the tutorial here
I loved the outcome and realised how easy it is to create something that looks so complex.

Now, I’m not at the standard that Evert Martin is but I thought I’d give the x-ray illustrations a go with a few wildlife designs.
Searching through commercial free photographs I found a particular one I thought would be a great start.

      Symmetrical, simple and an animal I absolutely love, why not?
After reading through the tutorial I used the pencil tool to create a basic line art drawing of the elements I wanted to use.
It turned out like this…

The tutorial suggested drawing one half of the image and then duplicating and flipping it to create the other half… so thats what I did.
Using the blend tool for this type of design, I learnt that it is a lot of trial and error and whatever you think looks good. So, after a few tweaks with the blend tool. Getting the right amount of lines here and there. This is what I managed to produce.

I loved how this Whale Tail looked so I decided to do a few more to see how well this technique works with other animals.
Each animal I chose to try this new skill I had under my belt were completely different. I liked some with minimal blend and some that were major complicated but created awesome results.
Here are my examples..


Now that I’ve gotten the hang of creating these animal x-ray illustrations I’m hoping to create more intricate designs so keep an eye out!!