Freelance: Comic Strips – James Bond

Over the past year I have been working as a freelancer for a local business, rmg logistics Ltd. It has been rmg logistics 13th year of service, and to celebrate, they wanted to do something fun, different and give their customers a memorable 2016.

Comic Strip Theme No. 2…

The second theme for the next set of comic strips that the Director of rmg logistics wanted to do was James Bond.


We left a clue on the third and final comic strip of the Star Wars Trilogy we created.
After rmg logistics Ltd has gained the Fors, they were given an ID number which just so happened to start with the digits – 007.

Movie Titles With A Twist

Going through all the bond movie titles we had to decide on three that we could use and give a little twist to give our comic strip stories for these instalments a mission to be based around.

So here is what we did…