Lone Orca

Instagram inspiration

Now, I don’t know about anyone else but I can spend hours just scrolling through Instagram!
Art accounts, Photography accounts, Wildlife accounts and how can you not love the funny animal accounts that you just have to tag someone in, be it a cute puppy that is just way too adorable for words, and you’re trying to persuade your other half or sibling to get you one. Or a cat getting completely terrified over a cucumber and you just have to share the giggle.
For me personally, I love finding orca photos, artwork, jewellery etc. Orca whales have been my favourite animal from the age of 12 months old. But thats another post.

Koen Hoekemeijer

I came across Koen’s Instagram page – a photographer from the Netherlands – via a killer whale photograph he had taken on a whale watch in Norway. A gorgeous photo that captured a male orca travelling through the open ocean with a beautifully coloured sky as the perfect backdrop.



Captivating isn’t it?
I was hooked, and knew I just had to see if I could use Koen’s photo for a digital illustration idea. And next was the scary part.

The moment of truth…

I always like to give credit where credit is due. I’d like to think it’s a common courtesy to ask a photographer if you could use his or her photograph as a reference for a piece of work.
From a photographer who has a following of over 1,500 people I felt very humbled to be given permission to use Koen’s photograph and I couldn’t wait to start on my illustration piece.

Photo Vs Illustration

I know as I post my ‘Lone Orca’ piece there will be people that compare the illustration to the photo and vice versa. However, I don’t think a piece of work could ever give moments like that captured in a photograph justice. And that was not my intention. My aim was to put my own style and spin on a moment I found captivating. Expanding on it a little further allowed me to explore a continuation of the grace you see above the water. Mirroring that feeling to the whale beneath the waves.

Lone Orca Poster small

The ‘Lone Orca’ Giclee Print can be purchased here: Store